Martin Tosas, founder of start-up tech company OwlVision, is aiming to take on the US tech giants and major social networks with his first Kickstarter project.

The ‘AR-Pinboard’ app is the first piece of software to allow users to attach virtual pinboards to physical surfaces in the world around them, which can then be viewed and shared using smartphones, tablets and smartglasses.

The app has the potential to revolutionise work and home life, creating an organised world without the need for material notes and boards.


Creator Martin Tosas says:

“We will all be living in an augmented world in the next decade and this technology will enable people to take their ideas or information and place them in the real world.

“This technology will change the world and I’m up for the challenge of taking on the technology giants in the US.”

The virtual pinboards can be ‘anchored’ to the environment around us and displayed to the general public or shared with a chosen group of contacts.

Imagine being able to walk into your office and see all of your tasks for the day displayed virtually in real time on boards around the room. You can see the things that are important to you, whereas your colleagues may see something completely different.

Within the home, the technology could be used to leave notes and shopping lists on the fridge, or even to decorate the room with multi-million pound artwork! The possibilities are limited only by the user’s imagination.

Contents from the web, such as photos, videos and interactive widgets can be easily dragged and dropped onto a pinboard.

OwlVision are on course to raise £60,000 in order to complete the App and the web infrastructure behind it.

If you would like to support the AR-Pinboard project please use the following link –

OwlVision PinboardOwlVision Pinboard Prototype

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