Charlie Veitch from the Love Police has captured on video Manchester police confiscating an image of the queen next to a swastika during a public protest.

The video begins with Mr Veitch explaining the events which are about to unfold during the video followed by his usual style of thought provoking satire.

It is clear that this is a peaceful gathering of individuals exercising their rights of free speech but in a very short period of time events take a turn for the worse.

A policeman who has sworn allegiance to the Queen informs the crowd that under Section 5 of the 1986 Public Order Act a poster, which has a picture of the Queen must be taken down citing that offence stems from  a centre trimmed moustache drawn on the Queen's face and a very small swastika image imposed on the image.

The police officer the says the moustache is an Adolph Hitler moustache the claim of which is denied by those gathered saying it is a Charlie Chaplin moustache.

A member of the crowd then asks for a show of hands as to if any of the persons congregating are offended to which there is a no show of hands.

Then a show of hands is requested of those gathered to see who is not offended to which there is a unanimous show of hands.

The policeman stated that he was acting in response to a reported offence however the subjective nature of the offence was questioned by those congregated in the area.

For a very long time Section 5 of the Public Order Act has caused controversy because it conflicts directly with freedom of speech.

One wonders if the police would have responded to a complaint against images of the Queen being displayed in shop windows and on flags which may cause offence to some people and what the implications are for not following up complaints on Section 5 or if there are exemptions identifying what is acceptably offensive.

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