According to the Times, Lord Mandelson has told Gordon he wants to be Foreign Secretary, just like his grandfather Herbert Morrison. This puts the PM between a rock and a hard place. He needs to retain the goodwill of Mandelson, Ed Balls and David Miliband if his chances of leading Labour to an election victory are to be anything on the positive side of zero.

Of course both sides have denied this request was made.

Making Mandelson Foreign Secretary will push Miliband out with little more to offer him than the role of Deputy Prime Minister. It will also close doors to Balls who is still eager for promotion. By not bowing to Mandelson’s wishes he risks losing a key ally in the run up to the election.

This development comes hard on the heels of Mandelson’s failed, last minute attempt to take the EU foreign policy post given to Baroness Ashton last Thursday.

It seems that there are not enough deck-chairs left for everyone to take a seat on the sinking Titanic that this Labour government has become.

The whole New Labour project is about to sink for all eternity and all these people can think about is the size and profile of the job they last had as it finally went under.

They must realise by now that it makes not the slightest difference who they put where in the cabinet or what they pontificate about. The Labour government finally surrendered the day of the last Queen’s speech.

Putting an unelected Lord, who was previously twice forced out of the cabinet for dodgy activities, will be the final slap in the face for the average voter.

Making someone Foreign Secretary just so they can match or exceed their grandfather’s achievements is not a good reason for the appointment. As to Labour and the election, it’s already all lost Gordon, there is nothing else left to lose so just say no!

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