Decorated war hero, Marine Sergeant Shamar Thomas voiced his objection to the New York Police Department's treatment of Occupy Wall Street protesters.

Sergent Thomas's impassioned speech to the officers was caught on video by various protesters who were being moved on by police officers who were allegedly threatening protesters if they did not move along.

Shamar pointed out to the mob of police officers who were intimidating the protesters that there was "No honour" in their actions and said "It takes a coward to harm an unarmed civilian" he went on to say "This is not a war zone, these are unarmed people, it does not make you tough to hurt these people."

"If you want to go fight, go to Iraq and Afghanistan, Leave these people alone, they are US citizens, why are you doing this to our people?" said Seargent Thomas who then asked where in their (The NYPD officers present)  contract does it justify  hurting US citizens.

"I've been to Iraq 14 months for my people and you come here to hurt them, they don't have guns, it doesn't make any sense, how do you sleep at night? there is no honour in this, your here to protect them, protect us."

"You're all walking around in riot gear like this is a war, these people don't have guns."

Sergent Shamar Thomas is now an American hero not just for his service to his country but for his service to his country in defending civilians at home.

He may not be the last American soldier to find the oppression of the American government distasteful seeing as many soldiers have watched their friends and family pay the ultimate sacrifice for their country only to come home to find their country is no better than the one they have been away fighting against.

Whatever your feelings about America's invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, there are brave young men and women out there fighting for what they were told was freedom, justice and the American way……….what happens if they come home and feel the same way as Sergeant Thomas?

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