They may have been demonised by the holier than thou press for their wandering eyes but they certainly have not shrugged their parental responsibilities and are amongst other well known names up for nomination for 'Celebrity Dad Of The Year'

Give me strength.

'Celebrity Dad of the Year"? What a load of rubbish. Who came up with that idea?

The two aforementioned stars are amongst 15 other hopefuls (Cough!) including Ronan Keating, Gary Barlow, Gavin Henson, Peter Andre and Jeff Brazier who are up for the much coveted (Cough Cough) award.

And the world of politics is not left out of this fascicle competition.

Both the outgoing and incoming Prime Ministers are also in the running for this, so there is a silver lining to this celebrity cloud. Just imagine it coming down to the final two nominations and Brown and Cameron are standing next to each other holding hands supporting each other and trembling with nerves followed by a shower of glitter as Brown actually gets presented with an award for achievement.

There is something very annoying about a competition that focuses on the ability to be a father whilst in a position of privilege.

How many fathers out there are working themselves to the bone to make ends meet and hardly have the time to be the dads they wish they could be?

Give me their wages and I will be the catalogue father in an Aran wool sweater taking the kids to the park instead of sitting in front of a PC slaving away growing man boobs and shortening my life by 20 years (and that's a conservative estimate).

The world is breaking down around us, families suffering, people losing their jobs and livelihoods but we must as a society praise the wonderful role played by our celebrities in their privileged positions only to be told that is what we should aspire to be.

Talk about rubbing it in.

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