A famous hot-blooded male with beautiful women throwing themselves at him, gave in to temptation on numerous occasions.

Mark Owen has followed the path of Tiger Woods and Ashley Cole into the realm of  the adulterer. He now faces the plethora of fingers pointing at him in condemnation and disappointed fans etc.

The squeaky clean member of Take That has fallen from grace and faces the wrath of the judgmental British tabloids and gossip magazines printing tripe.

Why does it come as any shock that people in the limelight are going to stray and follow their animal instincts and egos when they are made into idols by the media?

We have collectively turned court jesters (no disrespect to Mark and the rest of Take That, I am a fan) into our kings and queens relegating the real paradigm shifters to the subs bench.

I wonder what any male in his position would do?

We turn these people into  stars then we turn them into monsters, then we wonder why we feel let down by their actions, what a shining light we must be to the rest of the world.

Mark Owen has battled with drink for sometime and blames much of his behavior on being totally off his face.

In the case of most people, getting drunk can lead to a few lapses in judgment but when you have the quantity of women throwing themselves at you as Mark does and you have had a few drinks then it's a new league of temptation you're faced with.

The only real option left is to drink at home and turn yourself into a Howard Hughes type reclusive figure.

No it isn't nice that this happened around the time of the birth of his daughter and just before his marriage and it looks like the chap really did get himself into a pickle.

I am not trying to condone his behavior and there are few excuses and justification for infidelity but if we in Mark Owen's shoes would we be so perfect?

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