Yes her story is all over the immoral yet politically correct press who believe Neva Hanley's story is important and should be told.

I don't.

She may claim she was seduced at 19 years of age however I fail to see why she must add salt to Emma (Mark's wife) Owen's wounds all these years latter.

Emma has made her decision to stay with Mark for the sake of their children and good on her for trying to give her children a stable home by offering her husband one last chance to sober up and never cheat again.

Many women wouldn't.

Emma could walk away with plenty of money from that marriage but chooses not to and that decision must be respected. This does more than suggest that Emma is a woman of the highest standards so the last thing she needs is a kiss and tell.

Playing the victim whilst knowingly being 'the other woman' doesn't do much for your credibility if salvaging your reputation is your aim and I am sure Emma is over the moon to read about her husband having sex with another woman just after the birth of the daughter she shares with him.

Mark may have seduced her but it takes two to tango.

Yes I am sure Neva must have been hurt by the tirade of hate levelled towards her and suffered greatly because of it and there is never justification for the bullying which she received. But presenting her side of the story to the press will only reignite the animosity towards her from Take That fans.

Neva is not the only woman that Mark cheated with and it is difficult to judge a man in his position with a drink problem even though he is as guilty as Neva for his part in their continued relationship.

Emma must have been aware that women would be throwing themselves at Mark because of his celeb status, wealth and looks so she also would have had her head in the sand to trust Mark if he had a drink problem, which would dull his conscience and impair his decision making ability and in turn increasing the level of probability of having secret liaisons with other women.

This is probably why Emma did not tolerate Mark's drinking even before he admitted to his affairs.

But she has learned the hard way that she can only have a relationship with a sober Mark Owen, which both of them are now working hard to make happen.

Revealing the finer details of another woman's affair with her husband will be a set back for Emma, let's just hope she can put this into perspective.

Emma and Mark…..just ignore her….she clearly doesn't care for your well being so don't rise to the bait.

And will the press please grow a conscience when covering such matters, there are children involved in this.

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