In a yet another controversial twist in this year's X Factor, Mary Byrne has been booted out of X Factor by the judges after the semi-final sing off  in favour of keeping Cher Lloyd in the competition.

However the public were not so impressed by this decision, which was not to include the public vote sparking speculation of a fix.

Cher gave a very heartfelt rendition of Britney Spears's Everytime for the sing off that really pushed forward her voice and the unique tone that she has, which will definitely make her marketable for the usual music industry culprits that suck out any personality from the artist and turn them into factory produced battery singers.

Mary Byrne however tore the house down singing It's a Man's World with a performance filled with power, emotion and was basically Bloomin' Brilliant.

And I mean Brilliant.

But Mary is a great singer and great singer's don't win X Factor, but the singers who have the least market risk do.

Funny that….might even make you think the show is fixed.

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