Former painter and decorator Matt Cardle has beaten off all other rivals to make it to the Christmas No 1 spot beating Rihanna featuring Drake.

A fierce Facebook campaign and an international superstar could not hold back Matt Cardle after he sold 439,000 copies of his debut single When We Collide.

Last year X Factor Winner Joe McElderry was beaten by a Facebook campaign to place Rage Against The Machine's hit Killing In The Name Of at No 1 in the singles charts.

The aim of this year's Facebook campaign was the same as last year's, which saw a huge protest against the X Factor and Simon Cowell as the prime motivator.

Surfin' Bird which is a song by 60s Rock Band Trashmen and 4' 33" by John Cage of 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence were the two main contenders proposed by Facebook campaigners to beat whoever would be the X Factor winner this year with a Christmas single.

Campaigners see the show as a threat to real music and musicians and gives contestants an unfair advantage over musicians who have worked for their art only to be superseded by someone who wants a quick fix to stardom and fame.

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