Doctor Who star Matt Smith will once again travel in time but without the aid of the Tardis. Christopher and his Kind is set in 1930s Berlin where the liberal attitude is less stifling compared to that of English society and it is there that gay author, Christopher Isherwood's story in the larger part unfolds.

Apparently Matt will have an on-screen snog with actor Douglas Booth, who has the lead role of Boy George in 'Worried About The Boy' so that should delight the gay following who have embraced Doctor Who since Russell T Davies brought a greater 'gay' element to the series with the inclusion of bisexual (but leaning more to the gay side) Captain Jack Harkness.

The Film based on the memoirs of Christoper Isherwood will be shot in Belfast and has already caused controversy by flying the Nazi flag inside the courtyard of Belfast city hall which has sparked protest form the DUP in case it offends the Jewish community.

Another fine feather in the cap for Matt Smith who plays Isherwood in the film but if The Doctor also played by Smith goes back in time to 1930s Berlin will he meet himself and will he get mistaken for Isherwood?

Sorry had to put that stupid ending in but its always seemed odd when actors who take the part of The Doctor play other roles in period dramas.

It just throws you a little.

Good ho!

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