Many thought that Doctor who ended after Tom Baker left the series to be replaced by Peter Davidson who turned into one of the best Doctors to travel through time and space since Dr Timothy Leary.

Critics wondered if David Tennant could replace Christopher Eccleston who's brief portrayal of the Doctor seemed unsurpassable, yet he did. So how did Matt Smith do on his first outing and was the show up to scratch?

The new reworking of the theme tune doesn't work (that needs to be sorted out) and the 'The Eleventh Hour' first episode for Matt Smith's Doctor started all very silly.

The usual rigmarole that accompanies every Doctor after regeneration ensued with its usual strangeness as the new Doctor tears himself away from the old in both costume and character.

And then something changed.

Something quite beautiful happened, Matt Smith's Doctor convincingly became The Doctor before our eyes thanks to the talents of both Steven Moffat (the new lead writer of Dr Who since Russell T Davies stepped down from the post) and Matt Smith.

After the silliness at the beginning of the program there was a new style about our beloved Doctor that sets him aside from all previous Doctors and if Matt and the rest of the team behind Doctor Who are consistent in their delivery of engaging plots, atmosphere and character development then this new Doctor has the potential to become the greatest of all Doctors.

But it is early days and as exciting as the first episode was it is still just the first episode.

Lel's hope that the team go on to produce a couple of series for this new incarnation of the Doctor and the BBC finds whatever funds are needed to facilitate this remarkable series that is one of the few true great British programs that unifies us as a nation in our collective love for a strange man travelling space and time in an old police box.

Well done all involved but please get that theme tune amended, it doesn't work.

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