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Max Keiser tells the world to Crash JP Morgan, buy silver

Max Keiser tells the world to Crash JP Morgan, buy silver
November 12th, 2010
Author: Jeff Taylor

It is now reaching the general consciousness that it is those with the money that control our destinies. Where once many believed that our betters who order our lives reside in Westminster, the realisation that those with the power are more likely to inhabit the City's Gherkin building is dawning on us.

Some of those people are now heading the largest and arguably most successful institutions in the world, the banks. Everyone now wants to get in on the action of money shuffling. And as they do the more of a monster it becomes until every move some of them make shakes the markets. And then the temptation to use that might turns into corporate policy.

On the 27th October two traders, Brian Beatty and Peter Laskaris, filed lawsuits against both JP Morgan and HSBC accusing them of manipulating the price of silver by "amassing enormous short positions". The lawsuits being brought at the US district Court, Southern District of New York, which are also seeking to gain a class action status, allege that "… between in or about March 2008 and continuing through the present, Defendants have combined, conspired and agreed to restrain trade in, fix, and manipulate prices of silver futures and options contracts traded in this District on the COMEX division of the NYMEX. Defendants thereby have violated Section 1 of the Sherman Act, 15 U.S.C .A. Also during the Class Period, individual Defendants have intentionally acted to manipulate prices of COMEX silver futures and options contracts. Such conduct violates Section 9(a) of the Commodity Exchange Act, 7 U.S.C. A.'"

The following day the National Inflation Association (NIA – assessed that JP Morgan are so short on silver and that the silver market is so tight that "…. silver prices could literally rise to $50 per ounce overnight. NIA estimates that $50 per ounce silver would mean approximately $4 billion in losses to JP Morgan".

Bart Chilton, a US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CTFC) commissioner said "I believe that there have been repeated attempts to influence prices in the silver markets. There have been fraudulent efforts to persuade and deviously control that price. Based on what I have been told by members of the public, and reviewed in publicly available documents, I believe violations to the Commodity Exchange Act (CEA) have taken place in silver markets and that any such violation of the law in this regard should be prosecuted."

Max Keiser, (TV presenter, radio host, entrepreneur, broadcaster and journalist) who dubs JP Morgan as "the biggest financial terrorist on Wall St" and wants to give it a bloody nose, is calling on people to crash JP Morgan by buying silver so making its price go up leaving JP Morgan with a huge short position to cover. As far as he is concerned we will end up with $500 silver.

Also stepping up to the mark (or maybe penalty spot) for a bit of bank bashing is the footballer Eric Cantona. He points out that it is a waste of time to wave placards, if you want to bash the banks just have a co-ordinated withdrawal of depositors money (well the first 5% that the bank actually has anyway). Then " … they will listen to us in a different way" as the run forces them to the wall. There is a push in France to do just this on the 7th December (see video below).

Now, how about the double whammy? Take money out of the bank and buy silver! But just remember if you do, to buy physical silver and take delivery. The bits of paper that say you own silver are just that, bits of paper.

If you've got no money to withdraw and no money to buy silver then lend your support to Douglas Carswell MP who is campaigning to straighten the UK banking system out. At least then you can ensure that the money in the bank belongs to you and not the bank and that you can therefore dictate how they use it. Or maybe claim a free ounce of silver from BullionVault.

Cantona in fine form!

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33 Responses to “Max Keiser tells the world to Crash JP Morgan, buy silver”

  1. Randy says:

    Lets bring the banksters to their knees, thanks Max Keiser for linking to my video and making it go viral!

  2. admin says:

    The Max Keiser site takes a while to load at present.

  3. DFWDenny says:

    With the dip in price today, it just makes it easier to do. I did my part.

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  5. T T Marks says:

    Max Keiser rocks. I will do that, no problem. Anything to bring this corrupt system down.

  6. twinbeech says:

    I did my part. Bought 500 silver eagles but might buy more if this catches on. If everybody bought 500 it would only take 200,000 of us, and certainly there are thousands of potential buyers that could afford to buy much more than 500 ounces.

    Wouldn't that be fun for us Lilliputians to bring down JPM? Certainly the CFTC has no plans in the USA to do it because they know the U.S. Treasury is supporting JPM with the manipulation (like today)

    Lets go for it!!

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  8. Buddy Cristi says:

    The silver manipulation scheme is enough of a good reason for people to make purchases of silver, because the breaking of its manipulation will help in freeing gold as well.

    For the year I’ve been listening to Max, it was my impression he had been looking for a grassroots campaign to show people what power they have in their hands – such as in the call to boycott Coke in order to cause a stock crash and use the financial manipulators system against themselves. Its the old saying, strength is in numbers. If enough people both search “Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver” and/or buy 1 coin, it will demonstrate our power, as well as free us from one of the banking tentacles.

    Originally, I had planned to print posters and have them distributed in a major city’s cafes for the idea on Coke but using the brand name seemed to guarantee immediate take-down. So when I heard Max the other day, I went back to the idea. By using simplicity, curiosity and wi-fi/smart phones, the message can get across to a larger fish bowl – or at least be entered into the search field. With WiFi and Smart Phones, it only takes a moment to turn a spark of curiosity into an algorithm assault.

    I created a Word Document that people can print out and post on community bulletin boards, which Max recently uploaded a snapshot of. I corrected some format flaws and a slightly more generic reference. I left out JP because it is a concern a specific name will cause an issue. I'll be paying for printing and paying someone to hang up around campuses and waterholes.

    Who says you can only go viral on the internet?

    “Think the Banks Are Crooked? It Only Takes Five Seconds to Fight Back! Google Search “Crash Morgan, Buy Silver.”

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  10. Darrel says:

    Bought 570 ounces. Let er rip!!

  11. Robert says:

    At minimum this silver "buy day" would be a great experiment of our potential power here in Smallsville. Get one specific day or two that it goes down. Most people could probably find $150. in loose change. Bottom line—-it would be money in the bank so to speak. Just give me a specific time of purchase and you can count me in.

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  13. Youri Carma says:

    Here some more Info Compiled into one Post:


    (Do only two or three windows or so or else google doesn’t allow it)

    This little dandy will reload any tab if activated. (right click suggestion below google search and select ‘reload every’ and pick interval “5 Sec”, put it on “Randomize”, then finish typing search term and click search) wacky but it works.


  14. James says:

    New video just released..

    NO Silver in the SLV ETF ??? Buy Physical Silver Now !!!

  15. Terry says:

    This is no experiment. It is going to happen. If you Google "crash j p morgan buy silver" you will get over 23 million hits, most of them blogs and forums of people that are buying silver now, There is a scarcity of physical silver available. Buy now before the price sky rockets. I tried today, but my local dealers were out. I will try again tomorrow and Monday.

  16. alan says:

    This is a brilliant idea. We can make this work! Why not? silver is such a tiny market and almost nobody owns any physical silver. This will be people power at it's best! Let's break these financial terrorists and make a lot of money in the process.

  17. Gerald says:

    This will only be passed to the American taxpayer as long as the American taxpayer stays on the sofa watching dancing with the stars and shoving ice cream in their fat face. The American people are proving to be giant cowards; I am quite ashamed of my fellow Americans at this point. This will work; I personally bought 500 ounces because I feel everyone should buy as much as they can as often as they can. It is also important to mention that you need to hold the physical silver, do not sell it until the mission is accomplished. And let this be the first of many small victories that is necessary to restore sanity to our once great nation. I am so sick of the state of this country and the lack of enthusiasm shown by the people. Also, this should go without saying but for the sheople I have realized that everything must be explained as if you are explaining it to a two year old, buy your coins from a dealer, such as apmex or bulliondirect, I am not plugging those places, there are many; find your own dealer , those are just two. If we buy coins from one another it will have no effect. The point is to take as much out of circulation, to force JPM to cover, they only hold about 1% physical silver to all paper trades, that is the whole point. This will work and we mustn't give up. I was so happy to see this go viral and reach overseas even (Germany, England, Australia) Let's Do It People, Let’s Do It.
    P.S. If I offended you in my comment, GOOD!!!!! get up and do something about it, I actually have faith in you and we need to stick together or forever enjoy our diminished quality of life and a destination into serfdom….

  18. Knicks33 says:

    Time to get the word out to everyone you know.

    If we all buy a few ounces it'll put a ton of pressure on the banks.

  19. The Big Silver Moon says:

    Stomp.. clap .. stomp.. clap.. JP Morgan, Gonna Cut You Down

  20. CJPMBSForums says:

    Hi all,
    I've just set up a forum deidcated to the viral campiagn at Come on over and give your tuppence worth. Lets snowball this thing

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  22. John Koulouris,(Esq.) says:

    So, it seems that the worst thing that any Crook can do, is to try and deceive, manipulate, and steal the Freedom and Justice of the Labouring Public, and of course,
    to awaken the sleeping Giants of the Globe. If you think that TRUE POWER lies in the worthless Debt-Based Currencies that those at the top of the scale have been responsible for it's demise, then think again when the Global Population has understood how to play the Crook's Game better than the Crooks that invented it to seek power over everyone else. You see, a Pyramid that is constructed which hold the waelth at the TOP, while the rest of the pyramid at the bottom levels are robbed, can only mean one thing, and that is that those at the BOTTOM can pull the rug from the base of this pyramid anytime they AWAKEN to REALITY. Well, Guess What? Those at the Bottom of the Pyramid have awoken to find out that a pyramid Cannot be taken down from the TOP… No that would be too time consuming. There is an easier way…
    And this way has already started to take action.

  23. SeattleREguy says:

    I am in! One question though, is it safe and or helpful purchasing an ETF like Eric Sprott's PSLV (physical silver) ? Help me out here folks!
    He claims to take actual delivery of all the silver in his fund and offers monthly redemption in physical.

  24. Dameocrat says:

    if this will crash jp morgan I'll play but the manipulation proves it the gold standard isn't actually a good basis for the dollar since its value is as subjective as any other commodity.

  25. Rob says:

    Glad to be in on the coup with all of you !

    Max Keiser Rocks, Stacy too.

    Keep up the great work

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  27. Rob says:

    Bought more today….Its fun , I am laughing heartily.Thanks for the kick in the pants from you and Alex,Gerald,Bob

    Feels great!

  28. V07768198309 says:

    To make us more effective I will particularly focus my efforts on the French bank which is the most fragile in defence due to its position in the derivatives markets, Societe Generale.

    I don't care what you think as long as you keep talking of the soft lead!

    I am not a man, I'm Cantona.

  29. mikeeb says:

    Bought 132 ounces so far and I will never trade them for toilet paper.

  30. Hoos says:

    2kg and counting, crash JP Morgan Now!

  31. Andrew Maguire says:

    hows that campaigncoming along to bankrupt jpm Max Keiser? they have made record profits despite silver at $47! And Silver has crashed .. how can that be if there is a shortage. Moral: dont listen to consipiracy theorists who have silver bullion companies like Max Keiser!

  32. Rob Clay says:

    Max Keiser is a AGW religious extremist along with Stacy.It seems they do not know much but how to spin lies using Banker terrorism as a front to push their agenda. I had at one point donated to his site and even invited him to speak in my town thru an entertainment org luckily, that did not pan out now that I have studied him.
    As most wars they all start with lies and in this case he and his SLA got his attention with a drive by slapdown with five margin hikes in eight days personally handed to him by his enemies.both sides of this war suck.perhaps they will take each other out in a epic fail.


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