Today is May the 4th, which has been dubbed 'Star Wars Day' by fans because of the line from the film "May the Force be with you" which has been humorously changed into 'May the Fourth be with you'.

If only I had known about this momentous day with prior warning! I would have done absolutely nothing different in my life whatsoever.

But there are those who wish to celebrate one of the greatest film franchises of all time. I do of course refer to the six Star Wars films  ….what a strange world we live in.

So you need fantasy to remove you from the reality of how awful, monotonous and dreary your lives are in the 21st century eh?

Obviously, so and who am I to judge you as you get out your light-sabres and bash each over the head whilst reciting key pieces of dialogue from the films.

All Jolly good fun and I am sure there are many out there this morning who woke up and played the opening them tune to Star Wars on their alarm clock radios with built in CD players dressed as a Storm Trooper saluting the Empire Strikes Back poster on the wall with their helmets misting up with the vapour from their tears.

May the Fourth be with you…..always (I had to say it).

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