Daily Brexit Update: Wednesday 18th July

One Tory MP who voted against the government's trade bill is reported in the Times and BBC as saying that the the deputy Tory whip, Chris Pincher, used the threat of pulling the third reading of the trade bill and replacing it with a vote of confidence in the government in order to keep the party's MPs in line.

The crucial vote in question was on an amendment that would force the government to pursue a customs union with the EU should a frictionless deal not be achieved. This would then prevent the UK being free to strike its own deals around the rest of the world.

But the government has been forced to seek participation in the EU medicines agency. So the Remainers have managed to keep the UK tied to something EU, which is something they will undoubtedly strive to use as a springboard for re-entry into the bloc.

But the big upset today may be when Boris delivers his resignation speech directly after PMQs this lunchtime. There had been earlier talk about a fuming Boris being ready to wield the knife, but according to the Telegraph his allies say he won't be making any personal attacks on the PM. We'll see.

And here is former UKIP leader Nigel Farage on Theresa May's squeak through vote:

And UKIP is still benefiting from the self-inflicted demise of the Tories:

While Tory MP Priti Patell channels 'Zulu':

As well as a warning to Tory Central about threatening to withdraw funding for those of their MPs that do not toe the central line:

The UKIP leader, Gerard Batten, tells us what's in store from the Tories should there be a general election:

And the Telegraph reports Mark Carney as saying that a no-deal exit would cause "extreme fragmentation of the European capital market", which the 'paper is interpreting as it would be worse for the EU than for the UK. But Sky News puts the weight the other way.

The Last Leg panel on topics including Boris Johnson's resignation (video):

And Tory Remainer MP Anna Soubry asks who runs the country (video):

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