Over time, we have become very much advanced in the world of medicine. Some may argue with this as we have not yet found a cure for cancer. Nor are we able to stop the deterioration of the mind from Alzheimer's disease or prevent our children being born with birth defects. Nor are we are able to cure mental health problems. We can merely keep the symptoms at bay with the prescribing of medicines.

But why not take a look at the positives for a second. We are able to transfer a human heart from its owner to another and somehow see the donor accept the organ as its own so they can live without pain or fear of death! Well if that's not impressive then I shall quite happily eat every hat in England, let alone my own! We have done the impossible, we have stood in front of the reaper himself snatched the scythe from his hand, laughed in his face and kicked his apocalyptic steed up the backside! Anyhow, who wants to live forever? I most certainly do not!

If we look at the rate of our advancements and judge these not by what we have seen in our lifetimes, but on a much bigger scale like our timeline (the biggest one I can think of) then you will see we have excelled not only in cure but in prevention also. Intelligence has grown with time so too has common sense! Only recently, I was looking through reproductions of newspapers first sent to press during the Second World War. Were you aware at that moment in time we were advertising cigarettes as, not only a safe product but as one beneficial to our health? OK, so some of you know that already. Well may I also inform you we were also endorsing 'Lucozade' as a product with medicinal qualities? How about 'Coca cola'? Well, that gained its name from the presence of cocaine or benzoylmethyl ecgonine within its fizzy poppiness! This was first sold as a medicine for morphine addiction, headaches and impotence (along with a few others).

Or one very large mistake that we persist in making is that of consuming chocolate. The first giveaway here is that chocolate holds the ability to induce a migraine. I also believe (although it is not a fact) that our beloved bars of bliss contribute to the likely-hood of grand-mal or petit-mal fits within epileptics. This has not been proven in tests but I myself believe it. Chocolate is actually toxic to humans! OK, so a fatal dose would be around 25lbs but still toxic all the same, just as it is to most domesticated pets.

That's not the worst bit either, whilst our brave soldiers were out on the front-line back then smoking and drinking Lucozade in hope of curing their bullet wounds we were purchasing aid parcels to ease the pain of battle. These consisted (would you believe) of things such as cocaine, amphetamine and even HEROIN!

So in the space of not even a century we have discovered things that have saved many a life! Although, I am guessing this does not ease the minds of those in their golden years unable to get a lung transplant due to being a smoker. How can the government justify an act such as this when doctors themselves had been known to prescribe tobacco? Oh no, I will not dispute the fact we are a race prone to the odd medical mishap, there is still a lot of bedpan blunders and dodgy diagnoses within the dormitories of the doctor. Well it can't be all bad after all, or we wouldn't go to our GPs would we? We cannot exactly accuse them of false advertising now can we? A Doctor merely practises medicine does he not? We do not see Doctor's shops we describe the workplace of a doctor as a 'practise', these employ General Practitioners.

Who knows what else we will achieve in the years to come? Currently humans only use on average 10% of their brain, why not throw us a vertebrae? C'mon, where's your sense of humerus?

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