Yes one of the most beautiful women on the planet has become single after splitting with Lewis Hamilton but what are your chances really gents? And does it matter anyway?

Our country has ground to a halt and the elderly, homeless, sick and disabled are going through unreported turmoil, yet the split of Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger is making the headlines in the tabloids.

Why is our press not geared towards helping the needy and reporting on the plight of the vulnerable during this time?

It may have escaped your attention after watching reality television and soaps for the past few weeks but it has been snowing outside and the cold kills. Try turning off your heating for a day and see what happens.

Anyway back to the very important news in the headline.

Apparently Lewis and Nicole have split due to the pressures of a long distance relationship and have decided to focus on their own separate careers.

All very sad.

Well chaps I am afraid that doesn't mean Nicole will be popping around to your local boozer after realising that what she really wants out of life is a middle aged, self employed divorcee with 30k of debt and 6 kids.

So you can get that fantasy right out of your head before closing time.

I throw a challenge down to the main tabloids in this country to stop writing tripe about celebs for one day and take some social responsibility and focus on getting stories from across the UK on the plight of the vulnerable who are in distress and dying as you read this and try educating their readers for a change.

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