WARNING – There’s a new ‘legal high’ to replace Mephedrone.

While many of us are aware from the recent news that Mephedrone has been made illegal under the misuse of drugs act, not many of us realise that there are lots of these ‘legal highs’ still in the same shops but with much greater dangers and uncertainties than the chemicals already banned.

The most worrying chemical is Prolintane, also known Larocaine or Dimethocaine.

Politaine (1 Alpha Propylphenethyl) has been hitting the London night club scene as an alternative to ecstasy or cocaine. Being a stimulant this can cause heart palpitations’ heart attacks, extreme psychosis and paranoia.

This activity is all because of loopholes in the law. Once a drug is banned then the clever (greedy) people change the chemical compound by just a fraction, then you have a new chemical that is not listed in the misuse of drugs act, then call it plant food so it does not have to be included in the medicines act then you have a new drug that gives the majority of the effect. In other words you can’t ban tripping.

In March the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) advised all countries in Europe to control the use of BZP (active ingredient in many legal highs) within one year, but it seems that our great leaders have fallen behind the rest of Europe on this matter.

Even the name ‘legal high’ is wrong, in my mind this sends out the wrong message to children, just because it is legal it does not mean to say it won’t kill you and this is the truth about these drugs.

It is our duty as parents to teach our children the truth about these drugs and the dangers of ‘legal highs’ because the government sends out all sorts of wrong signals, even ignoring the advice of advisory councils

There is obviously a need in people to alter their frame of mind and whether it be a glass of wine with friends, a pint with the lads or even a little spliff when in Holland, it can be nice but let’s be real, all in moderation.

Remember Asda and Tesco have been selling cheap ‘legal highs’ in cans and bottles for many years now.

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