70 metal books, which could be some of the earliest written Christian documents, have been found in a cave in Jordan and may prove to be the biggest archaeological find of all time.

The location where the books were found is known to have been a place of safety and sanctuary for early Christians after the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem.

If proven to be authentic, these books may not just be of archaeological significance but they may also add weight to the beliefs of many Christians around the world regarding end times prophecy.

Most people who went to Sunday school will have heard of the seven seals of Revelation 5:1. "The seven seals were opened by the Lion of Judah" so why are so many Christians getting all exited by this line taken from the Bible?

Probably because many of these metal books are sealed, one of which carries possibly the first pictorial representation of Christ's face that may have been made by someone who knew Christ himself and let us not forget that in the Bible, Christ is the Lion of Judah.

Now for the daft bit.

The image which is possibly that of Christ does appear to have a crown of thorns and he does look a little bit like a lion (Tenuous link but hey there are forums ablaze over this observation).

Daft bit over.

There also appears to be the etchings of the words  "Saviour of Israel" but does this refer to Jesus or to another individual who many Jews saw as a 'Messiah' figure.

So there is much debate over whether or not these books are genuine in dating and if they are there is also the question of if they are early Christian in origin or if they are linked to the aforementioned messianic figure who was  Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, the leader of the Bar Kokhba Revolt of 132-136 AD.

Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai is believed to be the chap who wrote the  Zohar and got the ball rolling for Kabbalah.

Also there seems to be a problem with the usage of a cross symbol which was not in use until after the proposed dating of the codices.

But putting aside all prejudice if you take a look at the word around you today it does appear that many of the Biblical prophecies could actually be coming true.

One such exponent and interpreter of end times teachings is Chuck Missler.

A quick You Tube search for the name Chuck Missler will bring up one of the most convincing and probably well read Christian scholars of these times who interjects his readings with solid science.

The content of Chuck's seminars does indeed point towards end times and I am sure he will have something to say on these books one way or the other.

If these books are proven to be legitimate and identified as the sealed books mentioned in the Bible then it could be time to get yourself to church.

If  Chuck Missler's ministry and the beliefs of many Christians world wide turn out to be based on a Bible that is factual then all non-Christians have much to worry about if these seals are broken.

Crazy eh?

Probably not as crazy as the accuracy of many of Chuck's interpretations of Biblical prophecy.

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