Michael Douglas has been photographed looking healthier than he has for some time in new pictures of him taken in Central Park.

In one year Michael Douglas has seen his son Cameron sent to prison, then had to face the battle of his life after his diagnosis with throat cancer and I am sure he wishes he could erase the memories of both.

There have been photos, which were circulated by the media late last year, taken of Michael looking far from well and it must be said that one did think the worst was inevitable. But in recent shots he is looking distinctly healthier with colour in his cheeks and a smile over what was once a drawn and tortured face.

Who knows what the future holds for Michael and his battle against cancer, which doctors have told him he has an 80% chance of surviving but one thing is for sure…there is strength in Michael that I doubt he knew he had.

He has continued to be an active father to his two young children even through his turmoil and now he has been spotted braving the elements and  playing in the snow with his dog in New York's Central Park with a broad smile on his face and a spring in his step.

Let's hope there is good reason for this new found vigour and there is something he is not telling the rest of the world just yet.

Fingers crossed for him, Catherine and their two children.

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