The son of Oscar winner Michael Douglas has been sentenced to five years in prison on drugs charges.

Cameron Douglas who has a history of drug problems apologised to his family and loved ones for the pain he has caused them through his  actions.

31 year old Cameron was imprisoned for possession of Heroin, Cocaine and Methamphetamine, which were found in his hotel room last July.

A worried Michael Douglas aged 65 attended the court as did his his ex-wife Diandra to hear the the sentence read from US District Judge Richard Berman to whom 37 letters of support for Cameron were sent from Cameron's family including his Grandfather Kirk Douglas and stepmother Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Kirk made his dying wish that he should see his Grandson turn his life around whilst Catherine Zeta-Jones praised her stepson and told of how he kept the pain of his personal drug torment to himself and had never been abusive towards the family.

Michael's Letter spoke of his family's history of substance misuse which killed his brother Eric back in 2004 and Michael's own personal battle with substance abuse which Cameron witnessed whilst growing up.

Michael also mentioned the pressure of growing up in the shadow of a famous father which he himself faced under his father Kirk and the compounded pressure of two paternal generations of famous men must have been overbearing on Cameron and pleaded for leniency.

Cameron confessed his wrong doings to the court and apologised for the crimes he had committed but Judge Richard Berman said that he felt unconvinced that Cameron would turn his Back on drugs and criticised his parents for being distant and immature in Cameron's formative years.

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