• DCML’s Company Mileage Logger to end dishonest car mileage claims

• Easy-to-use, GPS-enabled app offered to all MPs and Lords

A car mileage app which monitors exact journey times and lengths has been offered for free* to all MPs and Lords.

Automotive software specialist, DCML, offered the product in the wake of fresh expenses controversies involving car mileage claims, known to be easy to manipulate but difficult to disprove.

Intended to help the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) manage difficult to monitor mileage claims, it is hoped MPs, Lords and the regulator will welcome the simple, but extremely accurate, app to reduce dishonest claims.

The latest expenses incident involved Conservative MP, Bob Blackman, who was ordered to repay more than £1,000 in expenses after he made over 700 incorrect mileage claims.

IPSA found that Blackman had boosted mileage by up to five times the actual distance travelled – impossible when using the intuitive Company Mileage Logger.

Vince Powell, Managing Director of DCML, said:

Speedometer (PD)“This sort of thing goes on in businesses up and down Britain, but we stepped in on this occasion because MPs and Lords must be whiter than white when it comes to expenses.

“We wanted to do our bit to minimise any room for dishonesty and we want to make life easier for individuals who represent us while reducing the burden on IPSA itself.”

Available to anybody with an iPhone, iPad or Android devises who uses their car for business trips, a free, 10-journey trial version can be downloaded from https://itunes.apple.com/ or Google Play. Users can then upgrade to the unlimited version for just £2.29.

MPs and Lords, however, will be reimbursed for the full cost of the App by DCML*.

The user-friendly App, developed by automotive software specialist, DCML, records car journeys using GPS and emails an accurate route and mileage summary via its ‘export’ function.

Visit www.companymileagelogger.co.uk for more information.

*The cost of the full App (after the free 10-journey sample) will be reimbursed by writing DCML.

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