A 19 year old soldier sent to into the line of fire recently risked his life for that of his commanding officer. Private Alex Kennedy displayed courage and showed the world that there is good left in ain these tragic times. Admist gunfire Private Kennedy, then an 18 year old soldier operating in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan, showed the world how loyalty and bravery are still very much alive. The courageous young soldier saw a life in danger and didn’t need to contemplate what needed to be done. As His commander lay wounded private Alex Kennedy, only 18 years of age, set aside his fear and embarked upon his own mission to save the life of his fellow soldier.

With the sound of gunfire echoing around him, he made his way to his commander. During his journey a bullet missed the brave Samaritan striking his gun. This was enough to knock the 18year old off his feet, but not enough to stop him from reaching the officer. He carried on towards his brother in arms.  Even with the fear of enemy ammunition flying around him he took it upon himself to give the senior officer relevant first aid at the scene, he then radioed for back up to make it safe enough for him to drag the wounded soldier back into safety.

Private Alex Kennedy of the Mercian Regiment has been trained as a riflemen but no-one could teach the qualities he displayed as he saved his commander. These come naturally. Private Kennedy said that he was only doing his job but, he went over and above the call of duty and under gunfire and at great personal risk went to rescue his fellow man. If we could all display the great attributes of this young man the world would indeed be a better place.

For his amazing efforts and self set rescue mission Alex Kennedy became one of the youngest soldiers to receive recognition in the form of the Military Cross. The MC is a award that can be proudly displayed upon a soldiers uniform to show that he had performed an act of exemplary gallantry during active operations. This is a third level military decoration .Private Kennedy has now joined the ranks of soldiers such as Francis Victor Wallington , the first man to receive the honour  in WWI. It is only right that he be awarded this for his great display of bravery and courage even if he did not need to think about doing what he did. This shows an in built quality of unselfishness and willingness to help his fellow man. This rescue was the result of instinct and an amazing display of gallantry from a man who is only just old enough to smoke and drink, let alone head straight into enemy fire.

To enter into military conflict you must be 18. Private Alex Kennedy has shown that he is more than capable of becoming a great officer one day, he is already a marvellous young man. The parents of Private Kennedy are overjoyed at his heroic deed, but stress that we still must never forget those who are lost in the line of fire and those who grieve for their much loved fallen soldiers.

Citation – “acted with a level of leadership and situational awareness far above that expected of a private soldier, demonstrating selfless bravery and a cool head under fire

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