Jim Mellon, dubbed Britain’s Warren Buffett, is the latest backer of the anti-politics campaign TheKnow.EU, campaigning for Britain to leave the European Union.

Mellon is one of a series of high profile businessmen and women who have already pledged over £7million to support the campaign, which aims to inform the Great British public of the facts around the EU referendum.

Commenting Mellon said  “I think the 'NO campaign in the EU referendum have got to get out of the Westminster bubble to stand a chance and The Know.EU campaign for me is precisely that. We have got to explain to the population at large if we are to have any chance of securing a NO. Our principle argument should be  'let’s just be brave, let’s go into the unknown and see if we can’t become a rapidly growing country like in the Far East. I don’t think there is anything to stop us from doing that.”

UK Flag (PD)Arron Banks who spearheaded the launch of TheKnow.EU campaign with fellow businessman Richard Tice said,  “So far £7million has been pledged, and the campaign is aiming to have raised £20million by the end of this year. We are finding that because we have said we are non-political, people that would normally not get involved are beginning to sign up. We are in talks with lots of high profile business people."

Richard Tice added, “It will be a very fact-based campaign; we will be getting across to the general public the facts of the matter and do it in an unbiased way. We are confident that a Britain in the know will vote NO."

Campaigners for Britain to leave the EU are able to sign up today and register their support for the campaign by clicking on its website www.TheKnow.EU.

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