The MoD has been paying £22 for a light bulb worth 65p at a time when 11,000 redundancies are being planned for the armed forces.

A soldier who works in stores in an army base here in Britain contacted the Sun newspaper and said "You're talking about a fortune for these bulbs. If I order 100, that's over two grand. But you can pick them up for 65p each, the exact same ones. There must be thousands of lightbulbs across the MoD. If people paid attention to simple things like this, they could save a lot of money – and maybe jobs."

Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox told the Sun "We are already tackling the procurement problems we inherited head-on. When money is tight and we need to protect the front line, waste is inexcusable.

"This is classic evidence of how Labour wasted taxpayers' money and shows a complete lack of common sense. No wonder the last government left the MoD with a budget deficit of £38 billion."

Well there you have it.

If you want to know where the armed forces jobs are going take a look at Labour's unbelievable waste in their tenure in power.

I actually head someone say "It's the coalition to blame for tackling the budget deficit isn't it? The ministry of defence could spend its way out of it's deficit if we still had Labour in power"……some people really do believe this.

But it is remarkable to see that the sheeple in Britain are ready to welcome back their beloved champions of the working man (if the working man works in a city bank that is)……yes the Labour Party is Back.

Just look at the result in Barnsley Central.

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