A team of scientists have released findings that prove a link between using mobile phones and brain cancer, however Ed Young of Cancer Research U.K.  believes that the findings from International EMF Collaborative are "overblown" so who is right?

Lloyd Morgan of International EMF Collaborative, whose research found serious flaws in The World Health Organisation Interphone report, said "People should hear the message that cell phones should be kept away from one's head and body at all times".

But it isn't just Lloyd Morgan who is concerned that the £15 million Interphone study, which he believes brought to the surface  "more questions than answers", there are another 40 scientists behind him who endorse his work.

The Interphone report's findings showed an increased chance of getting cancer through mobile phone use of a third but Lloyd Morgan's findings showed and increased risk of 41%.

Earlier studies have found very little if no links between mobile phone use and brain cancer so whose findings should we believe?

I think there needs to be another body set up to investigate the findings of Lloyd Morgan and his team and an investigative bodythen set up to investigate the investigative body's findings.

My money is on having a pay as you go phone charged but switched off until there is an emergency…….I have had headaches and a dizziness in the past, which I suspect is from the over use of my mobile (Especially the Iphone which also made my wife feel sick)…I am not a conspiraloon but throwing that much radiation into the brain over a given period of time cannot be good for you.

Well done Lloyd Morgan.

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