In the old days, if you wanted to trade the financial markets, the chances are you had to either work in the City or nearby so you could find out about the latest developments in price movements.

Fortunately, this infographic (which is now no longer available) from City Index shows that the advent of mobile trading has made this practice more accessible to people throughout the world. With City Index Mobile Trading, many people who have traded using their smartphones have enjoyed some success.

The most successful trader made in excess of £2m from trading using their phone, while the average profits of the top 10 traders stood at just over £1m.

While many of them worked in high-ranking roles, the fact that one of them is a vet proves that mobile trading is highly accessible and open to various people of both sexes. The popularity of mobile trading has grown, partly because it allows people in full time jobs to trade at times that suit their busy schedules, mainly during travelling to work or their lunch hours.

This wouldn’t be possible without a trading app.

Find out more today about City Index’s full range of mobile trading apps and what you can trade through our Trading Platform section.

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