When it comes to business and working relationships, it may well be a good idea to explore power dressing for added effect in your professional life. This style of attire is intended to make those who wear it seem more authoritative, in control and competent – particularly in the work environment.

Most references to this style of clothing were usually made about women in the workplace from the early eighties onwards, but the style now applies to both genders. This article goes through some of the basics of power dressing, and how it can help you in professional settings, like a job interview for instance.

The basics of power dressing

New Look CastlepointPower dressing in general should be done carefully. Dressing in this way can definitely take you that extra mile in the interview, but only if you really think about what you want to achieve with how you present yourself; it’s easy to get power dressing wrong.

Essentially, power dressing involves keeping your clothes looking as pristine and brand new as possible, no matter how many times you wear them. With the right amount of preparation, you’ll be able to enhance your self-confidence and the way others regard you by presenting yourself at your optimum best.

Power dressing for women

It’s important to remember that even if you have the cutting-edge professional look, you should still strive to retain your personality in how you present yourself. Look professional by all means, but offer a hint of your personality, expressed subtly – perhaps with the right perfume or accessory.

You should have a dark, matching pairs of trousers, skirts and jackets. Investing in blazers is a good idea, too. Your handbag will say a lot about you, so go for something that works in a professional setting: small, with a light colour, not too bold. Your makeup should be subtle, too.

Your choice of shoes will depend on the firm or industry you’re trying to get a job in, but generally speaking, you should go for conventional shoes that aren’t too loud or high. As far as jewellery goes, try and go for something simple and practical.

Power dressing for men

As with women, the basics power-dressing for interviews includes a dark, conservative matching pair of trousers and jacket – because power dressing doesn’t have to be restricted to suits. The rules can apply to other smart wardrobe staples, too; but in the context of having a job interview, you’ll probably want to stick with a suit.

A power tie can boost your overall look, but you should be careful in which one you select. Make sure that your tie doesn’t distract your interviewers too much. It shouldn’t be jarring – it should just accentuate the rest of your outfit.

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