New research from Defaqto, the financial research company, has found that more comprehensive car insurance policies protect a driver’s no claims discount today than they did back in 2009.

The survey of 5,000 people with comprehensive car insurance found that many drivers look to protect themselves against uninsured drivers when shopping around for car insurance policies.

The survey found that having an insurance policy in place that protects them against uninsured drivers was twice as important to having access to transportation home from the scene of an accident.

"Our research has found that a growing number of motor insurance policies offer enhanced protection for accidents caused by uninsured drivers,” said Mike Powell, Defaqto's Insight Analyst for General Insurance.

"As always, people should seek to match what they need from car insurance with the features that different policies provide when comparing what's available on the market – although important, price should never be the main reason for choosing a policy.”

At the same time, Defaqto data shows that the majority of motor insurance policies that provide this enhanced protection (or uninsured driver benefit) require policyholders to provide certain details, including vehicle details and the uninsured driver's name and address, before making a claim.

How to Cut the Cost of your Car Insurance

If you are looking to cut the cost of your motor insurance there are a number of things that motorists can do to reduce what they pay in expensive premiums.

All motorists should look to fit a necessary car alarm or immobilizer device if they do not already have one of these devices in place as standard on their cards. Where you park your car at night is also massively important if you are looking to reduce premiums.

If you park your car in a secure garage, rather than at the side of the road outside your house, it will seriously reduce your car insurance costs.

Other areas to think about when it comes to keeping the cost of your car insurance premiums low includes how you drive. If you have speeding convictions you will pay more for your car insurance. Fact.

A proven way to reduce your insurance premium is to become a better and more experienced driver.  If you don’t have the time to gain the experience then opt for an additional training course. Advanced drivers that can show they are safer on the road will pay less for their car insurance.

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