When you consider how much tax is taken from the UK (and other) population(s) in the name of climate change you suddenly realise what a vested interest the government(s) have in keeping the climate change conveyor belt going.

It now emerges that the ‘fact’ that the Himalayan glaciers are going to be completely melted away by 2035 has now been totally debunked. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) had, in 2007, issued a benchmark report with a central theme that these glaciers would be gone by 2035. But this whole claim was based on a short ‘phone interview with an Indian scientist, Syed Hasnain of Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University as well as a 1999 magazine article. Syed Hasnain has since said that this claim was purely speculation. The head of the IPCC, Dr Rajendra Pachauri, is actually a former railway engineer with a PhD in economics. He is not "the World's top climate scientist".

So just like the recent university ‘ClimateGate’ revelation we find vested interests manipulating facts and figures to keep their own personal gravy train going.

The movement of just about all goods around the world has a ‘green’ tax slapped on it these days, either directly or indirectly. These taxes stop people travelling easily and prevent the elderly and infirm keeping their homes warm cheaply in winter. They also prevent developing nations doing just that …. developing.

All this tax taken did not result in a sudden and totally effective response to the Haiti disaster. Nor will it help in the next. The money is extracted for use by ‘those that know’ on the things they see as important. Like wars. Like ensuring that specialist drugs are not available to those in the world that cannot afford them. Also, if all these green taxes worked then why are there still so many flights and so many cars on the road? Because the tax rates are designed and set at the optimum level to milk you, not change your behaviour. They don't work so let's scrap them.

None of the money has been allocated to clear up the double the USA land-mass sized plastic sea in the Pacific Ocean, which in places is six metres deep! This is massacring Pacific wildlife, just Google it. If these people really believed in being green then this would be the top priority. The only ‘initiative’ here has been to tax supermarket plastic bags, which are not the root of the problem and the money would not go toward cleaning it up.

No, this plastic ocean does not cause AGW or climate change so has been forgotten as it does therefore not generate research funding. But arguably it is a far greater and more imminent threat to us. If it isn’t then nor are greenhouse gases.

What we should also be asking is how many other national government and international bodies’ decisions are based on this type of data and misinformation? What other Quangos etc could we do without and wrest back the money from them for our own use?

We are about to enter a period of taxed austerity, whichever party gets in. Let’s start asking real questions about why this tax is needed and where is the money going?

Right now a really good place to start would be all this green tax nonsense based on global warming. Let’s get rid of this right now and stop making a rod for our own backs.

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