The ‘Slubbing Billys’ morris dance troupe were ordered out of the Swan and Three Cygnets pub in Durham because of the bells they were wearing as part of their costumes.

The Telegraph reports that the first of their 15 member group went in to the pub and was served but when two of their female troupe members went in they were thrown out.

The group ended up in a neighbouring hostelry, the Half Moon.

They had been performing in Durham’s market place and had gone to the Swan and Three Cygnets for refreshment where they fell foul of Samuel Smith brewery’s strict no music policy.

According to the troupe members they had not attempted to perform, the bells just made the noise as they moved.

Slubbing Billys member Duggs Carre, who is also a council officer, said: "We couldn't believe it when we were told in the strongest possible terms to leave.

"A woman member of staff hollered 'no bells' at us."

Band member Jill Morris said: "We have danced in a number of countries, Belgium, Holland and France, as well as all over the UK and never encountered anything like this before.

"We weren't attempting to perform in the pub, simply enjoy a quiet drink.

"But apparently bells on our toes means we will not have music wherever we go, at least not in the Swan and Three Cygnets."

This sounds like a public house that has no idea of what music is, its staff probably believe that breaking wind is very musical and entertaining. I can only wonder what would happen to you if, God forbid, your mobile phone went off in the bar!

It seems that the UK jobsworths are still functioning at full strength.

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