Plans to Breed Beagles for Deadly Experiments Should Be Stopped, Says Famed Rocker

As the Home Office has the authority to grant a licence to a new Yorkshire beagle-breeding facility, famed rocker Morrissey is joining PETA in rushing a letter to Home Secretary Theresa May on behalf of the dogs—most of whom would be bound for laboratories, where they'd be poisoned, experimented on, and  killed. Morrissey—who will play in Hull on Friday—is urgently asking May to put a stop to the proposed facility before it can begin breeding dogs who will be condemned to a life of deprivation and misery.

"This hellhole would churn out thousands of dogs a year, confine them to a sterile prison and then sell them to laboratories to be injected, infected and dissected", writes Morrissey. "Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of knowing a dog can tell you that they are friendly, loyal animals who should be sleeping in our beds, not dying for Botox and Viagra."

As Morrissey warns in his letter, the proposed facility presents a barren, sterile environment and would force dogs to live in a windowless building with concrete floors and tiled walls, things that are far from natural to them. Beagles are loyal, intelligent, fun-loving dogs – all qualities which make them ideal companions for British families.

Morrissey's letter to the Home Secretary Theresa May is available here. For more information, please visit

Beagle pup (PD)

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