On June 13th this year a young French woman of 32 living in Britain threw herself off a balcony killing herself, her unborn child and her baby son. The reason? Her benefits had been withdrawn and there was no immediate prospect of having them reinstated. The story in yesterday’s Express is a depressing one.

Whatever your views of benefit claimants and the status of those from within or outside the EU claiming benefits in this country, I would assume that any right thinking person would believe that the death of an unborn child and baby are far beyond the pale.

Whether you like the EU or not we are members and as such I was under the impression that benefits were effectively universal.

Christelle Pardo was in such a state that she thought the only release was to kill herself and her young family. Her crime? Not fulfilling the letter of the UK benefit regulations. What really concerns me is that there are many, many people successfully claiming benefits when morally they should not be, only because they do fulfil the letter of these same complex benefit regulations.

Surely there should be a proper appeals process, especially where the well-being of small and unborn children is at stake? With those dispensing their judgments free to apply the laws of humanity.

But now for the most important of questions. Where is/are the father(s) of the children in all of this? If they know of the children and are still alive, a lot of the culpability lies there. where were their financial contributions?

Christelle had the benefit of the support of her sister, but that did not prevent this tragedy. I despair for those that do not have kith and kin to help them in their times of need.

But at the end of the day we must remember that banks are too big to fail and must be bailed out, but babies and the unborn are small, weak and defenceless so are ultimately expendable.

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