A recent survey has revealed that motorists are now restricting how much they spend at the petrol pump due to the high fuel prices.

The results of an AA/Populus poll of 15,860 AA members, says ThisisLocalLondon.co.uk, showed that over a quarter of them are now cutting back on how much they spend on fuel for the car. 14% said that they paid a set amount on their credit cards and 14% set a limit for cash payments.

29% of those asked said they were now using their cars less.

The research also shows that women are cutting back more than men on fuel spending and that people in the North West of England and Wales as well as Northern Ireland were doing the most to keep the fuel spend under control.

Whilst 44% of those in the unskilled labour, pensioner and long term unemployed group were budgeting, only 21% of those in the higher social groups were doing so.

Edmund King, AA President, said ‘This AA research is a stunning indication of just how badly fuel prices are affecting so many drivers across the UK’.

He also said that people were cutting out 5% of trips and keeping closer to home while watching pump prices ‘like hawks’. He also added that many people were putting the lives of others as well as themselves by running their cars almost empty so running the risk of stalling.

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