On hearing that RBS is to close 44 branches across the UK, Charlotte Webster, Campaign Director, Move your Money said:

"RBS has consistently undermined the interests of its customers and wider society since being bailed out in 2008. Not only has the bank lost the entire £45 billion that it was bailed out with by the taxpayer, it's also driven businesses into the ground for its own profit.

"On top of this it has conceded significant liability for mis-selling, by cordoning off £4.35 billion in compensation.

"It's no surprise, then, to see the bank let down its customers once again by upping sticks and leaving town – even where it's promised not to do so.

RBS"Banks of this scale just can't be trusted to take its customers needs into account, even when the only reason it's still around is because of our support.

"It just goes to show that RBS is no place to hold an account, and it's time to move your money to a local or mutual provider if you haven't done so already. There are plenty of better options out there as our scorecard shows."

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