If you have ever considered upping sticks and moving abroad, you are not alone. In fact, more than four and a half million people originally from the UK now live in an overseas country — that’s seven per cent of the country’s population.

To help you get your major relocation off the ground, foreign exchange specialists CurrencyFair has produced the following infographic, which puts some of the most popular destinations for British expats under the spotlight.

The infographic is filled with useful information for getting you used to your new home, including understanding the time zones, national dishes, key phrases, national holidays and most popular mobile phone networks.

It will also be handy for loved ones who aren’t moving abroad, as they will be able to identify the currencies accepted in the place you’ve located to so they can easily send money abroad to you. Take a look below to learn more:

Click on the infographic below to enlarge it

Where do UK expats move to

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