Our MPs are tonight engaged in finishing the process to defy the will of the people and bring in a law designed to stop Brexit in its tracks.


The House of Commons has tonight voted to go against precedent and allow the debate and voting on Yvette Cooper's Brexit wrecking bill by 312 votes to 311.

This bill has already been slated by many legal types including the highly qualified and extremely knowledgeable Sir William Cash MP.

Even those who brought it and support the bill acknowledge that deficiency, but they had the temerity to say that the House of Lords will sort that all out when it thrown in their direction – the arrogance of those who purport to be our law-makers beggars belief.

And it is also an enabling type bill that would keep forcing the government back to the EU for more and more extensions at any cost to the nation for just about evermore.

Remain MPs can dress this up however they like, this is a serious attempt to smash Brexit and the whole country knows it!

The good news, although of scant comfort, is that an amendment to add in more indicative votes was voted down, and wait for it, by one vote, which was the casting vote of the Speaker himself. A casting vote he was forced by precedent to use in favour of the government to stop MPs voting to take charge of the Commons order paper on Monday.

The house has now started a planned series of readings and will have a whole house committee to force this completely atrocious bill through in about three or four hours.

This is setting an extremely dangerous constitutional precedent. Because there is nothing to now stop a future government using the same procedure to rush through legislation to prevent proper scrutiny.

Also, as it has been voted through for debate I will leave you to guess what the eventual outcome will be later tonight.

And when the House of Commons had summarily accepted the bill and passed it up to the House of Lords it looks like the same sort of procedure will be used there as well to ensure that any Brexiteer peers are unable to get in its way.

Once again the UK constitution and parliamentary procedures are thrown under the bus for the sake of forcing the UK to be subsumed into the European Superstate project. A very sad day for our democracy indeed. After a proud history, it will take a mere three or four hours for our own politicians to destroy the UK as a self-governing and sovereign nation.

And all the while we now have the sworn enemies of the Tory and Labour leaders talking to each other with the only outcome imaginable being a lengthy extension to the Article 50 process anyway.

That only two ministers, Nigel Adams and Chris Heaton-Smith, have so far resigned today is lamentable.

The EU Commission president, Jean Claude-Juncker has said today that the 12th of April is the crunch date.

Either MPs sign up to the Withdrawal Agreement by that date, or the UK has a choice between leaving on a WTO Brexit basis, or it signs up to a lengthy delay of at least to the end of the year and probably much longer.

If passed, Yvette Cooper's Bill will mean that voting down May's deal and a lengthy extension are the certain outcomes.

With that of course comes European parliament elections and once another set of UK MEPs is in place, we will never be allowed to get anywhere near the point of leaving.

And finally today is the 50th anniversary of the start of 'Operation Relentless', the UK's Continuous At Sea Deterrence (CASD) – which is the patrols by our Resolution and Vanguard submarines armed with Polaris and Trident missiles. Something I had the privilege to work with during my service in the Royal Navy.

But with the way our politics is now going, I fear for our future ability to defend these islands and its interests for much further into the future, as our politicians fritter away both our ability to govern ourselves and our money.

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