Those troublesome anti-Brexit MPs are at it again. They're once again working towards taking over the House of Commons order paper, in order to stop Brexit.


The House of Commons has a six hour slot this afternoon for an opposition day, which is one of the normally twenty sessions a year where the opposition chooses the subjects for discussion.

Today they will be discussing three items.

Inequality and social mobility.

Discrimination in sport.

And Business of the House (United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union).

And it's this last one that should have Brexiteers sitting up and taking notice.

Because there is a cross party motion tabled by Labour to be debated and voted on during that last part, that is a re-run of the recent procedure where MPs took over the business of the house in order to try and basically stop Brexit.

Those involved are trying to couch it in terms of stopping a no deal Brexit, but most are intent on using it to reverse Brexit altogether. You only have to look at the names of those involved to see that.

And many of the usual suspects for this sort of thing appear on the motion's signature list:

Jeremy Corbyn, Ian Blackford and Vince Cable tabled it, with the support of Liz Saville Roberts, Oliver Letwin, Nicholas Brown, Keir Starmer, Caroline Lucas and not forgetting Anna Soubry.

The aim of those bringing today's motion is that MPs take control of House of Commons business again on the 25th of June.

Then they will be able to bring forward a motion on that day to push through legislation to prevent a no deal Brexit, before any new hard-line Brexiteer Prime Minister, like Boris Johnson, is installed.

One would imagine that what those bringing the motion will attempt to do, is change the default Brexit legal position.

At present the law says that without legislative action, the UK will leave the EU on the 31st October 2019, in both EU and UK law.

That means that leaving the EU without a deal, or more accurately on WTO terms is the default legal position.

So some of the MPs pushing this motion will no doubt wish legislation to be passed that changes the default legal position to revoking the Article 50 letter before the 31st of October unless action is taken to prevent it. i.e. either delaying Brexit again, if we're allowed to or a deal that the whole house can agree to is reached.

With the chances of those latter two options occurring getting slimmer by the day, you can imagine what the overwhelmingly Remain biassed parliament is hoping for.

But that does forget the thinking of the Labour Party hierarchy. They want a general election coupled with a way to withdraw from the EU sufficiently to allow for ease of trade, while having the freedom to convert the UK into a Marxist state. Reversing Brexit may be a step too far for them.

Would they go along with something that risks the UK being forced to remain fully in the EU, so never realising the Corbyn ultra left wing agenda for the UK?

We Brexiteers must fervently hope that either today's attempt to take control of the Commons fails.

Or that on the 25th of June there are once again too many factions to be able to come to a majority agreement on how to stop a no-deal Brexit on the 31st of October.


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