When people emigrate out of the UK they are warned to make sure that they know what their future entitlement to the state pension will be.

This is because the UK does not have reciprocal agreements with some countries so that annual inflation increases are not added to some pensioners' state pension payments depending on which country they have retired to.

For example, those moving to the USA or France will receive annual increments, but those that choose Canada or New Zealand had better (at present) ensure that they do not rely on that state pension as they will not get the cost of living increases.

But riding to the rescue are two Tory MPs knights , Sir Roger Gale and Sir Peter Bottomley. They are tabling an amendment to the Pensions Bill, which is currently going through parliament, that would, if included, make sure that all those living abroad (and at home) received the same level of state pension.

This does seem fair and logical – after all they have paid in over the years. It should also help simplify the state pension system.

Although those that move abroad could be seen as no longer contributing to the UK as they are spending their money in another country, it should also be remembered that they do not use the NHS and other entitlements such as free bus passes.

Sir Roger said that it was worth a try to attempt to give these disadvantaged pensioners a fair deal.

There had been an attempt earlier this year to get the UK suspended from the Commonwealth over this issue after the Queen had signed the Commonwealth Equity Charter in March.

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