It has come to light than far from being a dead duck the Westminster MP's expenses scandal is alive and kicking!

The Daily Telegraph today publishes an account of MPs possibly now making thousands of pounds a month by renting out London properties that have been renovated at taxpayers' expense. It seems they are letting out their second homes in the capital so as to avoid the new rules brought in after they were caught out last time.

What a tacky and sad revelation the day after Remembrance Sunday when we paid our respects to the true heroes of this country and what they have achieved for us.

This new(?) little machination of MPs is believed to be costing us millions every year. So much for cutting back on public spending.

I thought that they were so overworked and hard done by that they needed these homes. They obviously haven't got enough committees to sit on or junkets to attend that it leaves them sufficient time to flip rented homes and move house etc.

What is it about these people that they treat us, the electorate, with such disdain. Not caring about whether they should do this sort of thing, only that the odd legal loophole allows them to do so for their own benefit. Do they not realise that the taxpayers' anger is still there?

If they are prepared to do this with their private affairs one shudders to think what they are doing behind closed doors in our name.

No wonder they won't move against the EU budget that has failed for the 16th year on the bounce to balance its books to the full satisfaction of the European Court of Auditors. They are too busy taking lessons from them.

And those who sit back and say nothing for fear of rocking the boat while it goes on around them are just as culpable.

I fervently wish these people would divert one fraction of the effort they put into their property affairs into the affairs of the nation. Then maybe we could get out of this economic mess we are in.

Let's build a barracks for them, or maybe put up a few nissen huts around the Palace of Westminster.

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