So, two of our illustrious Members of Parliament were caught trying to lift valuable publicly owned furniture out of Westminster, were they?


Just when you though our politicians couldn't stoop any lower. along comes more proof that there is no gutter too deep for them to infest.

It transpires that when parliament was dissolved in preparation for the general election, a couple of MPs got caught by security staff trying to remove, or let's use the more accurate word, steal, furniture from their Westminster based offices.

The Sun reports that one even tried to get a chaise longue out of the building before they were stopped by security staff.

This led to parliamentary authorities writing to MPs to tell them that they had a central list of what furniture was in which offices and warned them not to try and purloin them.

The Sun said:

"The letter sent by Commons authorities to each of the departing MPs warned: "Please ensure that any artworks belonging to the Parliamentary Art Collection or Historic Furniture Collection items are left in-situ on your departure"."

Let that sink in. People we have elected and pay hefty salaries and expenses to and who are assured of a comfortable life from hereon in with all sorts of new opportunities available to them, have to be written to to ask them not to steal from the public.

What gets me, is that, if any other worker in that place tried to misappropriate items from Westminster, the full weight of the law would undoubtedly be employed in order to deter others.

But where it's MPs, then I would bet pressure would be applied from some quarter or other to just recover the goods and keep it quiet for fear of bringing parliament or possibly, God Forbid, a Political party into disrepute.

And it goes to show how deeply the attitude of 'entitlement' runs with some of these people, doesn't it?

And how many of them did't get caught?

And how do we know if these two are not back on the candidates list for this next general election?

I must say that if I thought it would do the slightest bit of good I'd start a petition when parliament re-opens to have these cases referred to the proper authorities to have those MPs up for attempted theft.

But we all know that the last thing many of our elected (and unelected) politicians want, is a spotlight thrown on their more nefarious of activities.

But we have to remember that it's not just those individuals that got caught that is the issue.

How deep does this attitude of entitlement and thoughts of 'I deserve that because I'm an MP', run?

Further, what have they been getting away with while they've been MPs?

The public need to see justice being meted out and also, if these MPs belong to a political party, then the public would know which parties not to trust.

It would then give those political parties the opportunity to deselect the MPs concerned and to also get rid of the people in their local constituency organisations that chose those rotten people to stand as candidates in the first place.

And I also have to point out that an MP trying to steal as large an item as a chaise longue either points to their monumental stupidity, or to an ingrained belief in their privilege to do so.

I must say that I do get the uncomfortable feeling that there is no such central list of office furniture, that MPs are generally aware of it and that this practice might have been going on for many a year.

I would surmise that there are some highly valuable items of publicly owned furniture and art dotted around the country in the homes of former politicians.

And something like this would, of course, be a sort of 'open secret' amongst them, which can only encourage this blatant theft amongst a class of people with proven questionable morals.

I say call in PC Plod and get 'em up before the beak.

I would also want to know the identity of the official that decided not to pursue criminal proceedings against those MPs who were, as far as I can see, caught red-handed.

Anyway, what do you think about this? – Please share and comment – and thank you for watching.


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