MPs have today demonstrated how they are only interested in an EU referendum if it helps them get re-elected, according to UKIP Spokesman Tim Aker.

Adam Afriyie's amendment to bring forward an In/Out EU referendum to next year was rejected by 249 to 15.

"With the doors opening to Romania and Bulgaria next year, you would have thought MPs would be keen to have an EU referendum as soon as possible." Said Tim Aker.

"Instead it seems many Conservative MPs simply want to use the issue as a means of getting re-elected.

"David Cameron's pledge of an in/Out vote is based on a Tory majority that is unlikely, nor is it a red line issue for him in any Coalition deal.

"Today represents another example of MPs ignoring the will of the people who are sick and tired of being made to wait to have their say time and time again."

UKIP Logo 2The 15 MPs who today voted in support of an In/Out referendum being held next year have been congratulated by UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall.

"I am happy to congratulate those 15 MPS who had the courage of their convictions to stand up and be counted. They are clearly politicians of principle while meanwhile it appears many Conservatives just want to use the issue as a means of getting re-elected.

"A survey has just revealed that 82% of those citizens polled are against opening the doors to Romania and Bulgaria in January but today's referendum debate is another example showing that the political elite are not listening," he said.

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