Some MPs today are working far, far harder at reversing Brexit than they ever did in support of it.


Right now I am watching a bunch of our MPs working as hard as they can to make the case for not leaving the EU. However they try and dress it up!

Listening to them you get the impression that they have put in a hundred times more effort into these indicative votes, than they ever did in trying to achieve Brexit.

They have been exercising the little cells of their grey matter to coming out with all sorts of very imaginative methods of frustrating the will of the people.

Where was all this imagination when it came to getting us out of the European Union (EU)?

But, the chamber is only half full.

Parliament ordered the taking over of the chamber from the government for these debates and many of them can't, it seems, be bothered to turn up.

So how are they going to vote in an informed way later on, if they have been absent from this supposedly oh so important set of debates that they forced?! They've obviously already pre-determined their votes.

Anyway, there are eight options to vote on.

Brexiteers have put forward a motion to leave on a no deal Brexit basis on the 12th of April. This is of course a gallant effort but apart from true patriot Brexiteers, this House of Remainers will never, ever vote for that.

The next is a complex proposal called 'Common Market 2.0', which includes European Free Trade Association (Efta) and European Economic Area (EEA) membership. All I would say about that, is that we know exactly what happened when we joined the Common Market 1.0, don't we – it was the start of a one way ratchet to full EU membership.

Then we have some sort of proposal for EEA and EFTA membership but outside a customs union.

And no Remainer list would be complete without the ubiquitous proposal for a permanent membership of a customs union. Ands as it's signed by Ken Clarke and Yvette Cooper you can tell what I think of it.

The Labour Party has tabled a plan for a close relationship with the EU that goes even further than Ken Clarke's customs union plan! They say its close economically, but as soon is it starts talking about the European Arrest Warrant and the like you realise it's also about a close political relationship too.

Then comes the Remainer dream of the Brexit no-deal backstop. This forces a vote between a WTO Brexit or no Brexit at all, if no deal can be reached – and in a Remainer dominated parliament there can only be one outcome for that! I cannot believe that MPs are even prepared to discuss this given the outcome of the 2016 referendum.

Then the other essential Remainer option is there, that of the second referendum. 'Nuff said.

Then there's a sensible type of option from Tory MPs like Marcus Fysh, Steve Baker and Priti Patel who advocate setting up a series of preferential trade arrangements with the EU, if the UK and EU don't agree an overarching deal.

These debates and votes will go on until 7pm.

But they are all debating from the flawed position of the UK being a member of the EU.

Surely we should be withdrawing from the EU first, then going to WTO terms and then deciding what should happen from what I would see as a true position of national objectivity.

Apart from the option for leaving without a deal or going for no deal contingent preferential arrangements, all the rest would almost certainly need a further Article 50 extension. Even the no deal revocation backstop option would, I think, need extra time to pass legislation.

This means further negotiation and horse trading with the EU and we know how badly that's gone thus far. So why oh why put ourselves in that position again?

Just more uncertainty heaped on uncertainty.

There is only one way to proceed now, and that is to leave without a deal at the earliest opportunity!

Source: BBC Parliament Live.

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