Mr and Mrs Simmons

The Right Hon Gordon Brown MP,
10 Downing Street,

Prime Minister,

We’ve had enough of being treated like trash. We kno our writes.

Your councils ain’t lookin’ after me and me family. The front garden is full of crap and no-one’s been round to sort it.

Also, the plice was round askin’ about some famly down the road. Wasn’t nufink to do wiv us and you cant prove otherwise.

I want the plice done for harassing us. And now it aint safe for us to live ere I want a large 6 bedroom place in that nice pine tree cul de sac. The one full of snotty people wiv volvos and jobs.

Also, we want some new hoodies an trainers for the kids. The ones they got are well old and aat of fashion.

Me social ain’t coverin the cost of me gin and cigs. this aint write. An how can me hubby afford his exra strenth lager of you don’t give us more alowances?

If you don’t give us more it’ll be your fault if we ave to take it from them next door. Or we mite sel the story to the sun.

Get it sorted,

X and X

Steven and Susanne Simmons

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