Sorry Ladies and gentlemen but the eagle has landed. Mumford and Sons are one of the best new bands I have heard in a very long time and the single 'The Cave' is 21st century folk songwriting at its best.

Where so I begin? I would say this band are like a breath of fresh air but that would not be adequate a description for they are more like a gust pure oxygen for the lungs after walking out of a smokey room.

I will be writing a full review of their groundbreaking album 'Sigh No More'  but for now I will focus on this single.

This is a masterpiece with haunting melodies, excellent harmonies and plenty of energy in superb romp that shows you don't need a drummer to play the drums.

This four piece band boasts a lead singer/guitarist/drummer (plays bass drum and tambourine via peddles), a double bass player (pretty good too and I don't say that very often seeing as I am also a double bass player) as well as a keyboard and banjo player.

So you have the backbone of a traditional folk band with some attitude with the stomping bass drum and percussion but its the song that stands out with its passionate lyrics with a nice slightly quirky edginess.

Let me describe to you how good this song is.

I was in bed having a snooze when the radio alarm clock woke me up, an amazing song was playing that made me jump up out of bed and I could not wait until the radio show presenter revealed the name of the band and the song.

It was Mumford & Sons 'The Cave'.

So armed with the name of the band I rushed to get dressed and drove straight to town to buy this album leaving my wife wondering why I was running out of the house half dressed putting my shoes on as I got to the car.

In other words……buy this single off the net or buy the album in the shops and do it now rather than later.

Here is 'The Cave' for you all to enjoy.

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