There was once, not so long ago, four lads from Manchester who formed an Indie group and called themselves 'Oasis'. A band with very big ideas and the means to put it all together. Amongst all the techno rubbish that was invading the charts, the Oasis brand of no nonsense music shone through. To hear a guitar band against all the other electronic madness that was emerging was music to many ears. With songs, albums and tours going well the band seemed unstoppable accept for two things…the Gallagher brothers.It was great to see working class lads doing so well, with their cocky attitudes and mad rock-n-roll lifestyles. But that was then and this is now and the devilish duo have not grown up one little bit. In fact I’m sure they’re getting younger.

The last news was that Noel had quit the band, leaving his brother to run the mess and write the songs. This should be interesting as Noel was the main songwriter and good at it too.

It is a great shame that the band didn’t grow up, for this band had the capabilities to be true greats and not the legends they just believe themselves to be.

I think Noel believes he is the next best thing to god on guitar and that Liam believes he has the ultimate voice….this is not so in either case. But together it does work. And this is what I’m getting at. Why can’t these fools get a grip on what they are throwing away?

After watching an interview with Liam I could not get over the attitude on the man. He seems to be someone who is just bitter about everything that the world has to offer, especially his brother. This does not look good for the angry “songwriter’s” future. Without his brother I personally think he will end up on the musical scrap heap.

They say money can’t buy you love it, also seems that it can’t buy manners or talent. Kids living the rock-n-roll dream is one thing, but grown men trying to act tough and arrogant just doesn’t work, it looks cheap and immature. OK they may be from “the street” but this is no excuse. I have known people from “the street” who have not only bettered themselves financially but morally as well. Gathering knowledge and understanding, which in turn leads to wisdom. This is just called growing up, something the Gallagher duo don’t seem to have grasped.

How many more toys is Liam going to throw out of his pram before he realises that Oasis could still pull things around if only they were to grow up musically and personally. Unfortunately I don’t think this will happen. But you never know with this pair, after all they are brothers and like cigarettes and alcohol they are a deadly mix .

Champaign supernova in the sky? More like Newky Brown down the bog.

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