With X Factor hitting the news again for all the wrong reasons i.e. the potential exploitation of Shirlena Johnson, it seemed like anyone with any genuine talent outside of a karaoke contest faced a vacuum with regards to exhibiting their talents  until Must be the Music came along.

X Factor may be seen as good value family viewing but it comes at a price, and that price is the erosion of quality music in the charts, but Sky's new talent show 'Must be the Music' champions the cause for the genuinely talented.

I sat back with a huge grin on my face as contestants who were trying to emulate other artists and sing their songs were rejected by the panel made up of Jamie Cullum, Sharleen Spiteri and Dizzee Rascal. If the same contestants had appeared on the X Factor they would have gone through to the next round blessed with the wink of approval from Simon Cowell who has made a fortune out of the hopes and dreams of those who want a quick fix, fast tracked route to stardom without putting in the real work and actually learning to play an instrument and then using that instrument to compose a song or piece of music on.

Pepper and Piano and Emma's Imagination were truly mind blowing and I could not believe that there is actually a real talent show on television after years of Pop Idol and X Factor chipping away at our cultural perception. I cannot understate how great these performances were and the quality of song writing was at a standard that would go straight over the heads of the X Factor panel even Fearne Cotton was moved to tears by Pepper and Piano.

The song offered by Pepper and Piano was written by Emma who is the Pianist in the duo and the heart breaking lyrics were delivered perfectly by Katie who sang the story of Emma's experiences which many of us can relate to and it is this ability to deliver the lyrics to a song that no one else has ever sung and spellbind the audience which is a measure of true talent. But let's not forget the actual songwriter here Emma who ripped her pain out for all to see in this song, quite superb.

Now how about Emma's Imagination? My goodness she is also something else, a unique perspective and approach to the songs with tenderness and filled with originality and atmosphere but yet again with great lyrics and quite captivating and fresh like Suzanne Vega when she first hit the music scene many moons ago.

I look forward to buying both their albums. I cannot say this of the winner of this years X Factor regardless of the outcome. Ok I am a fan of Rhydian Roberts but not of his Simon Cowell recordings which have constrained a talent that will under the right guidance prove to be quite prolific. But the point of Must be the Music is that there need be no guidance and just trust the artists presented as they come. If they need guidance then send them off to the X Factor where everyone needs guidance because they do not have the real talent in the first place.

"Ah but what of Leona Lewis" I hear you cry "Are you trying to say that she isn't talented you fat bald idiot?"…….compared to the Pepper and Piano and Emma's Imagination she isn't even in the same country of talent. You can keep your auto-tuned, soulless X Factor…..If you can auto-tune someone in you can auto-tune them out if their face doesn't fit.

Will they begin auto-tuning faces next?

Must be the Music is what I will be focusing on from here on.

Take a look for your self. First up is Pepper and Piano.

Next is the offering from Emma's imagination (great name by the way).

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