Russell Means is an American Indian of many, many accomplishments. Not least as a film star, I remember his wonderful portrayal as Chingachgook in The Last of the Mohicans.

But he has now made an arguably more important piece by saying to the American people 'Welcome to the Reservation'!

By that he means that the same forces that put him and his people into reservations have now come back and put the average American into a similar position. What he's talking about here is freedom and liberty and the way that these have been eroded from the lives of the average US citizen. A subject he should know about.

Before you dismiss this I ask you to watch the start of the video. The quiet passion of the man shines through. You may disagree with what he says but you will find it hard to back it up.

The film was made by Prison Planet / Infowars, a source many may pigeon hole as lunatic. But this is a video of a man telling his story quietly and authoritatively to the camera. And what a story. No shouting, no fake histrionics, just the truth as he sees it.

Please give it some of your time, even if you can't watch the full 1 hour and 36 minutes. And if you live in the UK ask yourself if his thoughts on the two party political system do not resonate here.

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