Sorry but she looks terrible. When are women going to learn en-masse that being skinny doesn't mean attractive?

We all know the pressures of fame and how young women are forced through the media's influence to become as skinny as possible but at what risk?

There is no way Nadine's dieting regime is doing her any good and if she continues to go down this road she will end up seriously ill. She is the role model for many young girls and if this severity of weight loss is intentional she should be banned from public performance until she looks healthy again.

The size zero and sub zero sizes reflect some sick artistic requirement of the fashion industry, yet to achieve such a figure can be life threatening. If you think you're ever going to be attractive to members of the opposite sex by looking ill and emaciated then think again because that is a load of tripe.

If asked, nine out of ten men will tell you they prefer shapely women and not skinny women, yet many women still choose to ignore this fact so who exactly are they trying to impress?

Many women will say that they are not trying to impress anyone and just do it for themselves, which is even more scary because that is linked with body dysmorphia and eating disorders.

It is so sad to see such a beautiful young lady do this to herself because of some misplaced  low self esteem.

Forget Cheryl Cole, Nadine is in trouble so please will someone help her snap out of this? You cannot tour or perform when you're so thin and have so much muscle loss, you're too weak to move let along jump around and sing.

Women ask yourself this question.

Do you like your men to look healthy and fit or emaciated and ill? Well it's the same for us men.

We should all forget fat and concentrate on getting fit and healthy because our bodies will then be the correct weight for our stature and bone/muscle structure.

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