He was the one half of the Lennon & McCartney songwriting team that gave the world such gems as Love Me Do and Yellow Submarine but his solo work since leaving The Beatles is a body of work which eclipses that of most artists' full musical career.

the rise of the sub-celebrity in the noughties and their dominance of our media there are not many people in the public eye that we can shine a light on and say for certainty that they are living legends. But Sir Paul McCartney is one person that does fall into the category of 'living legend' and we would do well to remember that.

To attempt to condense Sir Paul's work into one article would be ludicrous, it would be like trying to write 'War and Peace' on the back of a fag packet so it would be best to try and throw a few highlights in between copious amounts of praise.

Firstly why is it that 'Pipes of Peace' can't be found on every Christmas compilation  album? the song and video are both moving and contain a moralistic message sadly missing from most modern Christmas songs.

Perhaps its because 'Wonderful Christmastime' is already on nearly every Christmas album and it would seem unfair for him to dominate the now camp world of Christmas songs like he has dominated the rest of the musical world for the past forty something years.

The man wrote Eleanor Rigby for goodness sake, a song that crosses all known musical boundaries and deserves a genre of its own to house it. Or if that isn't good enough what about Hey Jude? It is probably true that no single person on planet earth over the age of 12 hasn't sung along with the end chorus to Hey Jude.

Sir Paul is still going strong and continues to pull in new fans to his music and it is most likely that he always will even after death.

He has just finished his latest tour with a mesmerising gig in the O2 arena in London and shows the young scallywags of today's music who wear guitar's around their necks a thing or two.

Mull of Kintyre is another example of his post Beatles work where you are left wondering where the hell all these songs come from. Lets face it the man is a walking song factory but it doesn't end there. He isn't just a bass player he is a multi-instrumentalist,  sound engineer, producer and arranger.

He is more than capable of playing every instrument on an album and play them with great proficiency which is not something the so called 'talented' X-Factor competitors and winners are anywhere near capable of.

We as a nation should stand shoulder to shoulder and have a day where we acknowledge  Paul McCartney whilst he is still alive. We have already lost his cohorts John Lennon and George Harrison whilst Ringo is another we should recognise for his contribution, but that is an article for another day.

Lets 'Come together' for Paul McCartney for one day in the new year.

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