UKIP home affairs spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP has said the actions of Nazir Afzal, the former chief prosecutor for the North West, highlights "the stupidity of the single minded attack on Islam by the far right."

"Mr Afzal is the reason these girls got justice and we should be glad that the file landed on his desk and he overturned the appalling decision not to prosecute the perpetrators of child rape and abuse," the CSE campaigner and MEP for Rotherham said.

"But what it also highlights is these people who insist Muslims aren't 'British' or 'don't integrate' are wrong.

"There are a few people like the grooming gangs who, personally, I would like to see rot in jail. Then there are people like Mr Afzal who ensured English law was upheld. I think he deserves recognition for his insistence that justice be done: We need more like him. There are so many British Muslims who work in our community as doctors, surgeons and teachers to name a few. We must not bundle them in with the Islamic fanatics who seek to maim and kill or the perverts who molest little girls.

Nazir Afzal By Shaanop (CC-BY-SA-4.0)

Nazir Afzal By Shaanop (CC-BY-SA-4.0)

"We have to face up to the fact multiculturalism has failed," she warned, but added,  "That's not down to one community, it's down to governments and a judicial system in this country that is as politically correct as our vote seeking politicians. Just look at the apologists in Rotherham. Multiculturalism has not only failed it has created ghettos where men feel entitled to treat women as second class citizens and whites girls as objects to be violated.

"There must be no two tier laws system just one law British law with every British citizen viewed the same. I believe wholeheartedly that we need to live by one rule of law for everyone, regardless of religion or gender: this is not happening in the UK.

"The laws exist to deal with these people. The problem is the politically correct mafia too scared to implement those laws.

"There is a problem with misogyny amongst the Asian community but this will not be dealt with by alienating one religious group: in fact as we know from studies of Muslim prisoners, this treatment makes the situation worse.

"If we want to have an equal society that means we need to engage with community leaders who want to make a difference and call out those who don't. It means we need to point the finger at politicians and public bodies like Rotherham MBC who did nothing to avoid rocking the multicultural vote, in the words of former Labour MP Denis MacShane and tell them to implement the law or go.

"It does not mean we must treat a religious group differently because that not only pushes away the good people like Mr Afzal who we need, it creates a feeling of conflict between 'them and us' and exacerbates problems.

"If we want one rule of law for all we need the establishment to implement it as well as minority groups to obey it."

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